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The T-course is specially for the applicants who are willing to study Bachelor courses on the field of engineering, mathematics or natural sciences (excluding biology) in Germany Universities.


After successful completing of this course, students have the possibility to study one of the following study courses at a university and/or university of applied sciences in Germany:

  • Manufacturing systems engineering,

  • Electrical Engineering,

  • Electronics/ Communications Engineering

  • Construction engineering,

  • Materials and process engineering,

  • Industrial/ production engineering,

  • Computer science (IT),

  • Chemistry,

  • Physics or

  • Mathematics.

INR 2500/1 Month
INR 6000/2 Month

How does the Nikshala video subscription work?

To purchase the T Kurs step-by-step application videos, Click on subscribe and choose the plan which is suitable for you, You can access a total of 20 Videos as per your subscribed package. 


Once the payment has been made, log in to your account on the top right corner of the Nikshala Website and visit this exact same page to access your purchased videos. Once the purchased service cannot be refunded or canceled, A detailed mail with your plan details will be sent right after your purchase.