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Traditional Way To Look For Job in Germany

There was a period when graduates could find a job and stay in it until retirement. Those times have ended permanently. People nowadays need to be agile in their search for new employment prospects before they are in a position where they have no choice.

Focus On Your Goals

Spend some time thinking about your professional interests and skills before you start applying for jobs. If you take the time to get to know yourself better, you'll be in a better position to choose a career that makes you happier. Please describe the ideal working conditions for you. Which do you value more: your position, salary, the potential for advancement, the nature of the job itself, where you work, or the atmosphere at your organization as a whole?


Imagine the employment market as a storefront and yourself as a commodity. You need to pitch yourself to potential employers and cross your fingers, they bite. Branding is the best strategy for promoting your knowledge, experience, and competence to potential employers. Making your CV and cover letter reflect your unique personality helps, you stand out from the crowd.

Describe your background and the effect you have made in your past roles. Do not be vague; if asked for further information, provide it. You may build a stronger personal brand by highlighting your USP in this way.

Make Use Of Social Media

You may use social media to search for and apply for employment. Many individuals use their personal and professional social media profiles to network and look for career opportunities. Connecting with individuals worldwide is a breeze on social media, which is useful if you're trying to get work in other cities. In addition, you may utilize social media to showcase your photography, writing, modelling, or other creative work, even if you're not a musician, writer, or model.


It is very uncommon for companies to reward current workers who bring in new talent by providing a financial reward or another perk to those who bring in new hires. There are no losers here; everyone benefits. You get a job offer, and your network ally earns a bonus for helping you get hired. It's not common, but you could always ask a trusted buddy who already has an inside track in the industry if they hear of any opportunities. The contacts you make in each employment might be invaluable to you years down the road.

Be Sure To Include Relevant Keywords While Writing Your CV

Remembering the second piece of advice, choosing appropriate keywords is crucial for an internet search. When you find a position that seems like a good fit, read the description carefully. Try to pick out any unusual or recurring vocabulary. The more often they occur, the more weight they have in the eyes of the employer. Next, make adjustments to your resume to incorporate the keywords you've identified. Finally, highlight the qualifications that the potential employer values the most. In doing so, you ensure that your resume satisfies the criteria used by their applicant tracking system (ATS) and increases the likelihood that a person will review it.

Modify Your Resume For Each Position You Apply For

The CV is still an important part of the job-hunting process. Unfortunately, most of the resumes job-seekers give me to highlight their duties (rather than their actual accomplishments), and they all look the same. One of the finest pieces of advice I can provide for landing a job offer is to focus on building an impressive CV that highlights your accomplishments and quantifies those that are most relevant to the position you're seeking. Make it clear that you belong there. Look closely at the language used in the advertisement. Put them on your resume, please. Personalize your CV for each position you apply for; the hiring manager should be able to tell in a few seconds whether you have the requisite abilities.

Make Direct Company Contact

With most businesses having websites, looking for work is a lot easier. You may submit your application via their website if they have a job opening that interests you. When applying for a job, it's always a good idea to check the business's website to see if any openings match your skills and expertise. If not, don't hesitate to contact the firm directly by email or phone. You may not expect a response from a firm if they aren't currently hiring for your job, but they could keep your application on file if a suitable position opens up.

Employers may save a lot of money if they immediately hear from a qualified applicant before advertising a position. Hence, it's in your best interest to get in touch with them as soon as possible. In addition, if a business is expanding rapidly, it may be eager to hear from suitable applicants while not actively seeking new staff. This is especially true for new businesses that have not yet determined their personnel requirements.

To find a job, it's a good idea to compile a list of potential employers and the best way to reach out to them. Add their open positions to your list too. Carefully consider what you want employment to say to each employer before sending out your resume. Consider sending a professional cover letter to show you are acquainted with the company and explain why you'd be a great employee.

Establish, Expand, And Leverage Your Contact Base

Most job searchers find better success when they cultivate a wide and robust network of connections comprised of individuals who already know them and are willing to assist them in finding new employment prospects. Your job hunt will succeed or fail based on how much you network in person and online.

Your job hunt might also benefit from this, as you will have a better understanding of the options accessible to you. Don't be shy about making connections on LinkedIn, but if you know somebody employed by a prospective employer, ask for a recommendation. Rather than sifting through applications sent in through a job website, hiring managers would rather meet with persons who come highly recommended.


Some job or recruiting fairs are more generic, although most are designed to attract candidates from a particular field. A rundown of the participating groups will be included in the advertising. Does some research on the prospective employers, print out several resumes, and be ready to make a pitch. Treat all interactions with recruiters as though they were full-fledged interviews. Companies that find candidates a good fit may invite them in for an in-person interview.

Reaching Out Via Unsolicited Calls

A cold call is an option if you are interested in working for a firm but can't find any open positions on their website. Locate employees' phone numbers and emails on the company's website and give them a call or send them an email. Include a CV and a request for information about openings.

It is important to keep in mind that this sort of interaction isn't always welcomed. You are quite unlikely to receive a reply. However, there is always a potential that it will provide you with advance notice of available positions.

It's Important To Treat Oneself Well

The job search process may be quite demanding. So do whatever you help relax, whether meditation, exercise, watching a movie, etc. Also, ensure you have a strong support system in place, as this will make sharing ideas and venting problems with others easier.

Create Scenarios In Which Your Abilities Shine

One of the best ways to get a new job is to do this. To ensure that your abilities, accomplishments, and enthusiasm for your work stand out in networking events and job interviews, you must establish a collection of interview anecdotes you can utilize. Make an impact! You may find that telling tales (in the STAR style) helps you feel more at ease while discussing who you are.

Contact Temp Agencies

If you want to improve the efficiency of your job search, you may want to consider signing up with such a staffing or recruiting firm. You may sign up with several different staffing firms in most major cities. Others cover various fields and may be applied to various sectors. A résumé and copies of relevant certificates and credentials are standard fares, and you may also be required to take a typing speed or industry knowledge exam.

Some firms initially focus only on temporary and short-term contracts. The temporary position isn't ideal, but if you do a good job during your time there, you may be offered a permanent position later on. In addition, meeting other professionals in your field is a great networking opportunity in and of itself.

You may learn more about your true fit for the position via a short-term contract. If you are still unsure about the kind of career you want to pursue, this will help you narrow down your options. In addition, if you help an agency seem good, you can be promoted or given access to more rewarding projects in the future.

Don't Stop At Only Online Forms

Because of the high volume of applications received via online application procedures, finding qualified candidates has become very difficult. Those that take their relationships offline and into the real world stand out. Don't wait for a response after submitting an online application for a job. Instead, it is recommended that you schedule a phone conversation or in-person meeting to conduct an informative interview. Demonstrate your enthusiasm by asking several questions regarding the position. The goal is to get visibility among the internal recruiters at the organization. If you can make a good impression now, it will likely have a bearing on their ultimate selection.

Please Express Your Gratitude To The Interviewer

Candidates for jobs often fail to take advantage of the most basic opportunities to stand out. Managers and recruiters at companies are people too. They're trying to outspend their days to identify the best possible people to fill their available roles. Job-seekers who go the extra mile to send a follow-up email or handwrite a handwritten thank-you note are more likely to get hired. For the sake of argument, assume that a hiring manager is deciding between two candidates for a job who are otherwise almost comparable in terms of skills and interests. One candidate, but not the other, sent a heartfelt thank-you email to the interviewer afterwards.

Employment Options: Temporary and Internship Positions

Short-term contracts and temporary work often result in full-time hires. It's a fantastic opportunity to access the industry or, at the very least, to make some valuable connections for the future. Various recruiting firms may find temporary, casual, and contract employees.

Students nearing graduation from university find a lot to like about internships. Many educational institutions provide placement services to help their graduates find employment. Volunteering is a terrific method to get your foot in the door and meet people in your field if you're just started and have some financial flexibility.

Create A Video Resume

This is an innovative approach to presenting your skills to potential employers. Making a video CV allows you to discuss your experience and skills more. Instead of just detailing your work history, you may find it helpful to include examples and anecdotes from your work history to illustrate your skills and qualifications. Editing, lighting, and music are all examples of creative touches that may enhance your video's impact and appeal. If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider submitting a video resume instead of a traditional one.

Be Persistent In Following Up With Recruiting Supervisors

Once the interviews are over and the thank-you message is delivered, your job is far from done. Maintaining constant contact with the recruiting manager demonstrates your motivation for the position. The trick is to do it professionally so that it doesn't make you appear insistent or desperate.

Make A Strategy

A strategy is essential to achieving desired outcomes in many situations. For example, your job hunt will go more smoothly if you take the time to plan out a few key details, such as how urgently you need a new position, how long you're willing to spend looking, the perfect business culture for you, and the best days and times to look. Once you have determined the answers to these questions, record them somewhere convenient, and proceed to formulate a strategy. It facilitates a quicker and more accurate search.

Make Use Of A Memory Stick

Obtain a blank USB drive and use it to transport your résumé, cover letter, biography, and other relevant professional materials. The USB drive may be taken to job fairs and interviews to be given to hiring managers. Try presenting your papers with this creative approach to stand out from the crowd of applicants. If you choose this route, identify your application materials so the hiring manager can find them quickly.


An optimistic mentality and approach are crucial. Organizations want to recruit upbeat, capable individuals and may easily detect signs of desperation and hopelessness in potential employees. So find a means to brush off your feelings of depression or anger if you've been jobless for a while or were just laid off from your work; otherwise, you'll do more harm than good to your job search.

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