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Tax And Social Security ID in Germany

In Germany, a social insurance number, or Sozialversicherungsnummer, is required for several purposes and will likely be requested early in the hiring process. It's necessary for your company to make pension payments on your behalf and for you to collect those benefits after leaving Germany. It's important to note that this is not the same as your tax ID, which is also required by law to be shown to your employer.

Where Can I Get Information About Applying For A Social Security Card?

Your new German employer will sign you up for social security as soon as you start working so that they can begin taking payroll tax out of your paycheck. Therefore, you may expect to get your social security card in the mail after completing the enrollment process. Please get in touch with your employer if you have not received one within six weeks of commencing work.

If I Misplace My Social Security Card, What Should I Do?

Getting a replacement Social Security card is an option if you've misplaced yours. Your pension insurance company will need to be contacted so that they can provide you with a replacement ID card before contacting your statutory health insurance company. Within six weeks, you should get the updated paperwork via mail.

Your health insurance company may also offer you a document that serves as a temporary social security ID if you urgently need your ID, such as when beginning new work and your employer request it.

What Is The German Equivalent Of A Social Security Number?

The German equivalent of a social security number is a 12-digit identifier used to keep tabs on your various social security payments. They include medical, retirement, nursing home, and unemployment coverage. Every worker in Germany needs a social security number and is required to pay into the statutory social security system. Usually, your company will need this number. Your German paycheck will already have these social security deductions taken off.

Later on, when you apply for benefits or a pension, you'll need to provide your social security number.

How Can I Apply For A German Social Insurance Number?

There are several ways to apply for a German Sozialversicherungsnummer:

· Let the mail bring it to you.

· Your German employer will sign you up for social security benefits as soon as you start working there. This is necessary for your company to complete your required pension contributions, as described above.

· If you are working in Germany, your employer must enroll you with Deutsche Rentenversicherung (the German public pension fund) before providing your Socialversicherungsnummer. So if you're mailing this, expect to wait between four and six weeks for delivery.

· People aren't always able to present their Sozialversicherungsnummer to their employer before their first paycheck since it might take up to four to six weeks to get the number in the mail. So choose alternative 2 to prevent this...

Apply For A Socialversicherungsnummer From Germany's National Health Service

· Obtaining German health insurance is a legal requirement before beginning employment in Germany. Public health insurance is mandatory for all workers in Germany; we recommend TK insurance as a top-tier public health insurer that is incredibly accommodating to new foreign hires.

· Socialversicherungsnummers are issued within 24 hours after confirming coverage for those who sign up for TK insurance using this page. So instead of patiently waiting weeks for your health insurance provider to mail you your vital social insurance number, you may now acquire it in a couple of days (as in option one above).

Where Can I Go To Get An Online SSN Application?

Your social security number will be assigned to you automatically if you enroll in public health insurance. Among the major public health insurance providers are Techniker Krankenkasse, Barmer, AOK, and DAK. If your company is applying on your behalf, you may get information about the process in the mail. Self-application is possible via the Deutsche Rentenversicherung website (German). The procedure is only available in German and requires the following:

· Your valid online ID-enabled driver's license or ID card

· Smartphone running AusweisApp2 with near-field communication

· A device with AusweisApp2 installed, either on Windows or macOS (optional)

· It is worth asking your health insurance broker whether they may initiate this procedure on your behalf if you have been using them to get private health insurance.

When I Go To Germany, Will The Government Provide Me With A Social Security Number?

When you start working, your new company will sign you up for payroll tax and your Sozialversicherungsausweis. This identification with a number functions similarly to a social security card in the United States. It demonstrates that you are contributing to mandatory health insurance and other forms of social security. You must have health insurance in Germany. However, you may select between public and private options.

A further piece of identification, the Rentenversicherungsausweis, will be issued to you once you begin contributing to a German pension. Furthermore, we know that paying taxes and making donations may be challenging under the best circumstances, much alone in a foreign country. Check out our easy-to-understand manual on German taxation if you're lost.

The Private Health Insurance SSN Application Process Through The Insurance Service Provider

Feather Insurance automatically asks for your SSN when you sign up for private health insurance via their services. They are experts in helping people get affordable health insurance in Germany while living abroad. Consultation and cost estimates are provided at no cost.

Via Your Business Enterprise

Suppose you were recruited from outside of Germany; this is your first work in Germany. In that case, your employer may offer to apply for a social security number using the company's online payroll system.

Four to six weeks after your company has registered you, you will get the official letter from the German pension fund, your Sozialversicherungsausweis (social security card), and your insurance number in the mail. Don't forget to put away the document somewhere secure.

Using The German Pensions Service

If your employer asks for your social security number, you must apply for it independently with the German pension insurance fund (Deutsche Rentenversicherung). To get your Sozialversicherungsausweis, you may either call them or fill out their online form. Unfortunately, the state is only available in German; I suggest using the Google Translate extension for Chrome to fill it out. Then, four to six weeks later, you'll presumably get the crucial document with your Versicherungsnummer in the mail.

You may also make an in-person request at your local branch of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung if time is of the essence. Often, they will have the ability to print it out immediately. Bring your passport with you, just in case. Due to the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, we ask that you please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Examine the listing of all the German pension offices and their associated phone numbers and addresses.

Estate And Inheritance Taxes

As the name implies, inheritance and gift taxes are charged on inherited wealth and gifts given during one's lifetime. If the testator, donor, or inherited is a German tax resident, they must pay this tax on the transfer. In the absence of a natural person who is a resident of Germany under national tax regulations, only the transfer of assets located in Germany is subject to tax. In some instances, businesses may claim a tax deduction for purchasing equipment.

Depending on the value and the connection between the testator/donor and beneficiary, a progressive tax rate of 7% up to 50% and tax-free sums between EUR 20,000 and EUR 500,000 apply. This tax is based on purchases made during the past decade. Once every ten years, you'll be eligible for a new set of allowances. An extra tax-free allowance of EUR 256,000 is provided to a surviving spouse. The present value of a person's pension benefits, exempt from inheritance tax, is subtracted from this exemption. Depending on their age at the time of inheritance, surviving children may be eligible for an extra tax-free allowance of up to EUR 52,000.

Amount Due For Taxes On Real Estate

In certain areas, real estate is subject to a tax at the municipal level. However, the ultimate tax assessment rests with the relevant municipality. The German Federal Constitutional Court has ruled that the present property tax system is illegal, meaning that it may only be enforced in its current form until the end of 2024. The new statute will assess property taxes beginning on January 1, 2025. The property tax is calculated using values from the 1970s (traditional values).

For this reason, it is essential to reassess the value of all land and buildings. Currently, tax authorities must rely on voluntary submissions from property owners to fill in a significant amount of the information needed to revalue real estate. By October 31, 2022, you must have filed your declaration to determine the real estate tax value.

Covered Individual

Many nations have made participation in the system or payment into various systems mandatory for all adults (e.g., Switzerland, USA). Unless it's for accident insurance, only workers in Germany are required to enroll in the system and pay into it. At the same time, they and their employers are responsible for making payments. Only the employer is responsible for making the required operational accident insurance plan payments.

However, specific freelancers, contract employees, and the self-employed are required to enroll in the system and make payments as well. Included in the list of necessary occupations are those in the following fields: midwives, artists, publicists, teachers, nurses, fishermen, pilots, and coastal and harbor captains. In addition, those who are self-employed may, under certain circumstances, be required to enroll in pension insurance or a similar program. The legal, medical, accounting, and tax advisory communities all have mandatory pension insurance plans of their own.

Freelancers and those who work for themselves may choose to participate in other elements of the system. But the requirements for voluntarily joining each system are varied. Pension insurance, for example, is simple to enroll in, but health insurance for the self-employed is more complicated.

Systematic Contributions

The tax authorities in several nations also collect social security payments as an extra tax. For example, reporting and the number of social security payments are mandatory in Germany, as is doing so for health insurance.


In several nations, central government agencies or departments handle social security. For example, numerous semi-official groups in Germany are responsible for managing the country's social security system. They are public law companies that are ultimately autonomous but are subject to governmental oversight.

Pensions are managed by the German Pension Insurance Association (Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund), separate regional pension insurance organizations, and the Pension Insurance Association of the Short-Distance Railroad and Sea (Rentenversicherung Knappschaft Bahn-See). The latter oversees the shipping industry, the German railroad, and the mining industry.

Social security schemes where an occupation must be classed as a social security-relevant job or self-employment are determined by the clearing office of "Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund." There will be more discussion on this in a subsequent essay.

Health insurance groups collect social security payments for all plans except accident insurance. Employers are required to file social security reports with the appropriate health insurance organization. Everyone registered in the system has complete autonomy over which groups they affiliate with. Since it is up to each worker to decide which groups he wants to be a part of, it is the company's responsibility to provide updates on who has joined certain groups. This may add substantial work to the administrative side of things.

Employment is a crucial concept in social security legislation. Workers must join the social security system and pay into it. To add more complexity, The legal definition of the phrase varies depending on whether you're talking about employment law, tax law, or social security law. Managers and active shareholders in corporations and managers and partners in partnerships will find this particularly important. Managers of corporations or partnerships are not considered workers under common labor law. However, this categorization is not just different under tax and social security laws but also varies depending on which body of legislation is being used.


All workers in Germany require a social security number, regardless of nationality. You may sign up to get your social security card in the mail by registering with your public health insurance provider, employer, or the German pension insurance fund. This number is required so that your company may withhold the proper amount for social contributions from your paycheck. Maintain strict protection over your Social Security card at all times

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