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How to track your Job Application

You must maintain a centralized database of all the job openings to which you've applied or are applying throughout your job hunt. Maintaining a record of your application's progression can help you recall the specifics of your submission, schedule follow-up actions, and be ready for any interviews.

Job Applications Tracker

Keeping track of your job applications is a great way to stay organized and increase your chances of being hired. Ideally, the tool keeps a record of where you are at each stage of the recruiting process. A job application log might be anything from a basic spreadsheet to a complex project management programme or even a notebook. Job search activity may be recorded in the tracker. Several steps are involved, from getting your application materials to the interview. The actual job applications are what you need to keep tabs on. Doing so will provide you insight into how well your apps are doing.

How Does A Job-Tracking System Function?

The interview process is laid out in the tracker, with separate tabs for each round. Leads are placed in the tracker when an exciting role is first discovered and remain there until they are pursued. A job card may be advanced to the Applications phase if an application has been submitted for consideration.

Moving the card to the "Phone Screen" step allows you to make notes in preparation for your first interview after hearing back from the recruiting team and scheduling your first interview.

If you do well on the Phone Screen and advance to the next round, you will have the chance to interview for the position. It is recommended that you delve further into this topic.

When the day comes that you have been waiting for, and an offer of employment has been extended, you may move your card to the last level, "Offers," and begin negotiating your salary and benefits.

Ø Discover one-of-a-kind employment opportunities with the help of Placement's enchanted tools, & add them to the tracker with a single click. As soon as you give any promising prospects a high grade, they will be added to your 'Leads' section.

Ø Take notes and collaborate with your career counsellor as you move the job cards through to the tracker's different phases and during the interview process. The hunt for a new job may go on for a very long time if you allow it. Alternatively, you might put Placement's mystical job-hunting resources to good use and start working immediately. Get back on track with your job hunt with the help of our no-cost tool. Create a pipeline, simplify the application procedure, plan efficiently, and avoid missing a beat.

Tips To Get Job In German

It might be challenging to get work in Germany, but with some insider tips, you'll be ready to seize the day when it comes. You may get ready for your job hunt by following these suggestions.

1. Apply For Positions At German Startups

There has been a recent upsurge in the number of startups in Germany. Startups are more interested in hiring foreign employees as the world economy becomes more interconnected. In other words, your lack of German proficiency may not be a deal breaker. Some employers in more conservative sectors of the German economy strongly favour applicants who can speak the language, while others may see such proficiency as just desirable.

It does not matter what language you speak well at home; there's probably a business interested in expanding into your country. To improve your chances, even more, present yourself as just a native speaker for that market. Many German businesses, for instance, would love to open shop in the United States. Don't be bashful about highlighting your familiarity with the US market when you start your hunt for employment in Germany for Americans.

2. Join Employment Bulletins

Sign up for online newsletters that include jobs around Germany matching your criteria to be informed immediately of any openings that may be of interest., LinkedIn, Monster, and Stepstone all allow you to remember your search criteria for future use. You'll be notified immediately when a job seems like a good fit for your skills and experience. Try out a few different approaches to maximize your search for a position that might interest you.

3. Put The Time To Good Use By Honing Your Craft

You have been forewarned that patience is the key to getting a job in Germany; thus, you should use this waiting period to hone your employability and expand your technical horizons.

Germans are known for their intelligence, so if you do not want to appear like a complete idiot during your interview, it's essential to be prepared constantly. Make use of the buffer of time to make up for lost ground. You need not fret; events in Germany are not in any way chaotic or corrupt.

4. Examine Your Opportunities For Success In Germany

Making it in Germany is the government's official portal for skilled workers from across the globe who is interested in finding employment in Germany. In a Snap, Investigate your job opportunities in Germany here.

In Germany, there is a need for medical professionals, engineers, computer scientists, etc. Therefore, another essential step before beginning your job hunt in Germany is to confirm that you have the appropriate work visa.

5. Check Germany's Recognition Of Your Credentials

To get work in Germany, your academic or professional credentials must be recognized there. If you want to ensure that your degree is recognized in Germany, you may visit the "Make it in Germany" website.

To work in Germany, you must demonstrate that your credentials are at least on par with the country's requirements. Further, if you wish to operate in one of Germany's regulated professions, you will need the appropriate professional licence.

6. Admit That This Is Not Likely To Be A Simple Process

Employment hunting in Germany has a reputation for being difficult. But of course, finding employment is difficult everywhere, but working in Germany is exceptionally difficult since everyone there is so skilled.

In a world where mediocrity is not an option, the Germans have earned a reputation for being the most complex working people on the planet. Consequently, you cannot anticipate fruitful outcomes from your job hunt if you are not prepared to perform your part at every level.

You will be put through mental, physical, and emotional paces throughout your job hunt, but if this is really what you want to do, you will persevere.

7. Put Aside Enough Money In Advance To Cover The Situation

Many individuals who cannot find employment at home mistakenly believe that life in Germany will be simple and pleasant once they arrive. It's not only challenging but also pretty expensive to make a living in Germany.

It is recommended that those who go to the United States in search of employment have at least some emergency funds if they are unsuccessful in finding employment. The going will become rough for you very quickly if you do not have any funds to rely on.

A fantastic work opportunity may not come along right away, so if you're willing to wait, you'd better be prepared with some funds.

8. Create An Account And Apply

Get your CV, cover letter, & references ready to submit. To get the job you're looking for, and you must ensure your resume and cover letter stand out.

Employers in Germany care more about your cover letter than your degree when deciding whether to hire you. Therefore, before applying for a position in Germany, ensure you have the necessary credentials and highlight them in the cover letter.

9. Expand Your Range Of Possibilities

While many European nations are similar to Germany, not all professions are easily transferable. Even if they are authorised to do so in their native country, a pharmaceutical salesperson may need a medical degree to continue working in their previous field in another nation.

Preparing for life in Germany is worth considering if you would like to pursue a new line of work, a subset of your current field, or something entirely different. If you're having trouble finding work in Germany in the former profession, you may consider expanding your search. Spreading you're net farther increases your chances for success.

Keeping Tabs On Your Job Hunt

Ø Create A System For Managing Your Contacts

Are you disappointed that your dream company hasn't called you back? Have no fear. You may follow up with these possible connections by adding them to LinkedIn or another social media platform. Find out who at the firm has changed their position lately to get a feel for the kind of experience they are seeking, and follow up with a phone call about 30 days after they've been hired to see how things are doing. Most recruits who are unsuccessful in their jobs do so within the first ninety days, so they may already regret their choice.

Check your social media networks (especially LinkedIn) to check whether you know anybody who works there, has worked there or knows someone who before applying to a new employer. You've heard the adage that "it's all about who you know," so put your network to good use by asking for a referral, gathering information about the company, and networking with the hiring manager. Having the right network of professionals behind you may be a game-changer in getting what you want out of life.

Ø Data Easily Available

Did you ever applied for a position, forgotten why you were called three weeks later, and then fumbled to recall the reason for the call? You can put the best foot forward during a job interview if you're prepared and know precisely who's calling, what they want, and why.

Ø Proceeding Regularly

Keeping a journal throughout a job hunt is an excellent approach to planning for success and reminding yourself of your reasons for doing so. It is possible to see a record of your job applications and discover the jobs for which you have applied. This might also show you the strengths and weaknesses of your current job-hunting methods.

Ø Organization Of The Electronic Job Application

It is crucial to meticulously keep track of job postings, recruiter contacts, and interview dates when looking for a new position. Using a pre-made template to keep track of job applications is a massive time-saver for managing this procedure. If you're looking for a job, using a template tool will make things simpler, quicker, and more straightforward.

Even if following a template will save you time and effort, a Job Application Tracker having built-in capabilities to track contacts, communication formats, follow-up dates, keywords, and more can help you streamline your process even further.

Ø Connection To Web-Based Questionnaires

These days, job-seekers search for available openings and submit their applications online rather than physically submitting paper resumes. Job monitoring software is an indispensable online tool for those applying to several positions. However, it's neither practical nor possible to remember every job you've applied for, nor is it feasible to do so in an email inbox. An adequate system is required.

This is particularly true now that it is much simpler for people to apply to several jobs and send out numerous applications. It is standard practice for job seekers to submit applications to dozens, if not hundreds, of open positions weekly. Mark available positions and monitor your application progress in real-time using a job-monitoring template or a specialized Job Application Tracker.

Ø The Application Procedure Should Be Simplified

Finding an appropriate job posting might be a very challenging first step. However, finding a position that interests you is just the beginning; you will also need to write a cover letter, research the firm, and locate the hiring manager or anybody in your network who can provide further details about the company or a referral.

It is difficult for job seekers to find the perfect position when they filter through so much data. On the other hand, the job tracking application template compiles all pertinent data into a single, readily manageable location.


These are some of the most important considerations and steps to take while you look for work in Germany. Anyone considering moving to Germany should be prepared to give it their all from the start since the locals have a reputation for being both brilliant and responsible.

You will have no trouble finding work at any firm if you are talented and dedicated. However, recognize that it will take some time before things start working in your favour.

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