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Hidden Job Market In Germany

The phrase "hidden job market" refers to employment opportunities that don't use traditional recruitment methods such as newspaper ads or internet postings. For many reasons, some companies may not advertise openings, including a desire to avoid spending money on advertisements or relying on word-of-mouth among current employees to find new hires. However, there are times when businesses purposefully avoid open advertising positions. Rather than waste time and money processing generic internet applications, many companies instead rely on the underground job market. Businesses don't need to advertise open positions if they wish to fill them in-house, with the help of a partner organization or a recruitment service, or with the help of existing staff members' recommendations.

You may also be aware that some job postings may divulge confidential information. It might reveal the company's plans, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Because of this, some companies choose not to advertise certain positions to avoid damaging their reputation. Do you think a company in the United States that makes cars would offer this job? A quality control engineer from either a German automaker is needed immediately. Of course, you will never come across such a position, but the door is always open.

Can We Get A Sense Of The Size Of The Unreported Employment Sector?

It has been estimated that over two-thirds of European jobs are never advertised openly on major employment portals. By 2020, just 20% of available IT and engineering jobs may be advertised on major job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and CareerBuilder. As a result, the application process via these large payers is cutthroat and inefficient. The interview acceptance rate is about 5%, even for highly qualified candidates.

The Insider's Guide To Landing A Job In Germany

These days, it's a herculean effort to get a job anywhere. All the major corporations depend too much on technology, which is why they bring on fewer workers.

To get the task done more efficiently, they prefer to recruit a small number of highly competent individuals rather than a large number of ordinary workers. Therefore, you must take certain steps to locate a job in Germany if you want to work there. However, taking the wrong approach might lead to disastrous results.

Using Your Online Social Network, You May Locate Employment Opportunities In Germany

Don't hesitate to talk to people you know while job hunting in Germany. The German term "Beziehung," which means "relationship," is crucial since Germans place a premium on making the most of personal connections to further one's career. Sometimes referred to as "Vitamin B," this method of getting ahead in life is a throwback to simpler times. Reach out to your network and inquire about job openings in their businesses. Many German businesses motivate current workers to find applicants for unfilled jobs by offering hiring incentives since studies have shown that this is an effective strategy for finding people who will fit in well with the company's culture. As a bonus, you have a better chance of finding a new job in Germany if you learn about it via personal connections rather than through online employment networks or corporate websites. Don't be bashful about letting them know you're available for work elsewhere. Connecting with online networking groups is another option; for instance, members of Facebook groups for "Americans in Germany" may know about openings for foreign workers in that country.

Seek Employment Opportunities In Germany's Startup Industry

There has been a recent uptick in the number of startups in Germany. As a result of the current trend toward globalization in business, many new ventures are actively seeking qualified experts from all over the world. This also suggests that your lack of German proficiency may not be an issue. While fluency in German is not always required for many jobs, many more traditional German firms would like to recruit people who speak the language. There's probably a business looking to grow in your country, regardless of the language you speak well. To improve your prospects in that market, you should present yourself as a native speaker.

Increasing Your Choices

While many European nations are similar to Germany, not all professions are easily transferable. Even if they are authorized in their native country, a pharmaceutical salesperson may find they are prohibited from working in their former field without a medical degree. When planning your move to Germany, it's important to consider whether you'll need to pursue a new line of work, a subset of your current field, or nothing. If you're having trouble finding work in Germany in the former profession, you may consider expanding your search. You may get your foot indoors faster if you broaden your search.

How To Find Work In Any Economy, Even If There Is A Hidden Job Market

People have been talking about the "hidden job market," but few have explained what it is or how they might participate. The "hidden job market" consists of all the places where people find work without it being publicly stated. Also included are positions that are filled without ever being posted. It's also possible for a job to be created when an organization recognizes a need for a particular skill set, when an applicant meets with a potential employer & proposes a project, or when a business owner has a plan to expand her company and goes looking for talent in her personal and professional networks.

Potential employers often prefer to find candidates informally rather than via advertisements; this suggests that the astute job seeker should approach the search for work with the same attitude as a business owner. According to aggregate figures, around 80% of today's occupations aren't publicized. Thus, only one of every five available positions is publicly posted. Don't let the numbers scare you off; if you figure out how to break into the underground labour market, you'll find that competition for jobs is much lower, and the rules are much more flexible. The development of social media has also made the underground labour market less of a secret.

Understanding that you find a job by speaking to people and that searching for a career is a full-time job, planning your job search time & sticking to it are essential premises for tapping into the hidden job market and finding a job in any economy. In addition, inform your contacts that you are interested in exploring new career opportunities.

Social media has made it easier for those looking for employment to connect, but nothing beats the power of face-to-face meetings in the modern job market. Indeed, it is very effective for job-seekers to use both online and offline networking strategies. Make contact with those you'd want to work with, strike up a dialogue, and set up a phone call or in-person meeting if it's feasible and makes sense. In addition, you may learn more about the hidden employment market if you devote your time and effort to investigating all of your options.

When it comes to the unseen job market, LinkedIn is one solution. Recruiters will find you via searches using keywords related to the job you're applying for, so it's crucial to update and optimize your profile to include these terms. It's a good idea to provide your work title, industry, and area of expertise in the headlines area of your LinkedIn profile. It's a good idea for job seekers to get active in their respective industries' professional, local, alums, and association organizations. You can find out which businesses are hiring and go after them if you go through job listings. You can also identify individuals who are hiring and who may become internal champions if you network with them. Using LinkedIn's Advanced Individuals Search and Signal, you may find the people who do have the hiring authority to approach and begin a conversation with.

You may access positions that your friends aren't even aware of if you learn about the "secret job market," put yourself in the mind of an employer and change your approach to the job hunt appropriately. Try to have an open mind and a thirst for knowledge while you search for a fantastic career.

For Businesses, What Are The Benefits Of The Hidden Job Market?

Because it is less expensive than using a paid firm to advertise job openings online or in print, some businesses do not advertise job openings online to avoid attracting unwanted attention. For example, the corporation may be planning to establish a new location but may not yet feel ready to announce the news to the general public.

High-quality applicants are more likely to come from inside an organization since present workers have a better grasp of the position's requirements and a vested interest in suggesting strong prospects (particularly if they'll be working with the successful applicant). In addition, a referral incentive encourages workers to propose qualified candidates for open positions.

Learn To Use The Underground Job Market

Direct Communication

Feel free to join the club of those who become nervous at the mere thought of sending an unsolicited email or phone call to a stranger. However, sending unsolicited messages to people who work for businesses of interest may be a fruitful strategy to access the unpublished job market and network.

Connect In A Novel Way

Do not expect to find the unspoken job market via LinkedIn or local gatherings alone. Don't limit your options; instead, explore all of the avenues open to you and make the most of the resources at your disposal. Connect with people both virtually and physically. If you widen your search for employment opportunities, you'll increase your chances of success. Remember that you need to take care of your network, so don't forget to reciprocate any favours extended to you.

Sign Up for Email Updates

If you sign up for news notifications, you may find out immediately about major developments at firms. Even while these notifications won't always pertain to employment opportunities, you may use them to research a firm and locate job openings inside it.

Perhaps it has recently acquired something. Or possibly a large piece of land was recently purchased and afterwards financed by the corporation. In any case, these notifications will allow you to access the latent job market far in advance of the time when employers are actively recruiting. You may also subscribe to news notifications in your sector to keep up with the latest developments. Newsletters are another excellent resource for finding out-of-the-way facts.

Visit Conventions (When Safe)

Meeting people at conferences may also be a terrific way to get your foot in the door with an employer. Your dedication to networking, professional growth, and connection will speak volumes to potential employers, even if you don't get an interview that day. Because the cost of attending a conference might add up quickly, you should keep a look out for online seminars and workshops.

Which Tactic Should I Use?

One way to get in front of such chances is to join a professional group geared toward finding employment or broadening one's existing network. Be sure you're trying to reach out and concentrate on select highly lucrative channels rather than just those where most candidates congregate.

Traditional Networking Channels Should Not Be Ignored

In the heart of Europe, this is a crucial consideration. While most businesses in Germany and Austria use the largest employment board, others choose not. Consider that many companies hiring in Europe are small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that may not have access to, or faith in, the large job-posting portals in other countries. Furthermore, not every SME has the workforce to go through 500 random, unqualified applicants through social media platforms like LinkedIn.


These are some of the most important considerations and actions to take while you look for work in Germany. The people of Germany are both highly skilled and highly accountable, so if you are considering moving there from another country, you had better be willing to give it everything from the very beginning.

If you are outstanding at who you are and are willing to put in the time and effort required to succeed, you will have no trouble finding a job. Recognize that it will take some time before things start working in your favour.

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