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Accommodation Search in Germany

Finding a place to live that is good for you and your budget is crucial if you intend to study in Germany for a year or longer as an international student. Costs for your German student apartment shouldn't be too high. It's perfect if it has everything you'll need throughout your time as a student in Germany, including a convenient location near your school and the city's primary amenities.

Everything And The Kitchen Sink

A strange German housing custom involves the relocation of fully-equipped kitchens from one flat to another. It's insane on several levels; for example, how many custom kitchens can be moved directly into an entirely new apartment's kitchen? The correct answer is "not really." The question then becomes, why do they act this way?

As long-term leases are the norm in Germany, prospective renters understandably do not want to settle into a property with an outdated and poorly maintained kitchen for an extended period. Second, Germans are pickier than other people about the kitchen they put in their homes because they value high-tech, high-priced electrical appliances.

However, try not to lose hope. Kitchens are not always transferable from one apartment to another, so if a renter is moving and does not want to take their current kitchen with them, they may be able to sell it to the next tenant for a price. If you see an apartment and the renter hasn't moved out, you may negotiate with the landlord (or the tenant, if they are there) to keep the kitchen as is. If so, put on your bargaining cap and see if you can strike a deal.

Apartments that lack a built-in kitchen shouldn't be immediately disqualified from consideration. To be sure, having no kitchen is a nuisance, but if the renter hasn't already left, you may be able to work out a deal with them to buy their old one.

A word of caution if you're not confident in your DIY skills before you purchase a new kitchen. Since German handypersons are far more costly than their British and American counterparts, hiring one may be more trouble than it's worth if you aren't going to stay in the flat for an extended period.

Only A Few Homes Exist

Most Germans, particularly those living in urban areas, choose to rent an apartment as their primary residence. Only in rural areas and on the fringes of smaller cities can you find many houses. Due to high demand and limited supply, urban real estate is prohibitively expensive. So the question you need to ask yourself if you want to buy a property is why. Why do you think that is? Because German apartments may be found in a wide variety of sizes and layouts, including those with several bedrooms and an open floor plan.

Can I ask whether you're interested in a garden? That's because some ground-floor units have private yards to which only their occupants have access. Or do you not want anybody living above, below, or on either side of you? You may also easily discover a villa or home that has been transformed into three or four apartments, and if you choose the bottom level or the top floor, you will have just one neighbor.

Apartments On The Ground Level And Above Floors Are More Common

The least preferred apartment locations in Germany are the basement or the attic. Many Germans would never even consider looking for anything like that. This is because rooms on the first level, particularly if they have windows that look out into the street, are less private than those on higher floors. Not only that, but burglaries are more common in ground-level dwellings.

The absence of a lift (US: elevator) and the suffocating humidity during summer evenings are major turnoffs for potential tenants looking at attic flats. In addition, these dwellings are constructed into the roof's eaves, which might make them seem cramped if you're very tall.

If you are searching for an apartment in Germany, like to live with other students if feasible, and do not have a large budget, then student residence halls are a wonderful alternative. Residence halls for students should ideally be situated on or near campus to facilitate a quick commute to class. In addition, most universities have housing offices that may assist you in locating a room in a student dorm.

In A Shared Apartment With Retirees

Many retirees rent out rooms to students outside initiatives like Living for Help because the millennial generation values having a reliable adult nearby in an emergency. Since many city residents are getting on in years, such appeals tend to end up in newspapers or public bulletin boards. Still, retirees sometimes lease rooms or whole apartments to students via online housing marketplaces.

Hosting A Foreign Exchange Student

For international students, staying with a local family may be a great way to ease into their new home and community. For example, spending time with a host family in Germany is a great way to learn the language and culture at once.

If You Desire What Everyone Else Wants, Then You Need To Make A Choice

Ventilated bathrooms are highly sought after. Despite what you may think, many German apartments place their toilets in dark rooms without access to natural light. As expected, a WC with a view is a highly sought-after amenity. The next best alternative is a well-ventilated one, which will prevent problems with mildew and dampness. One of the most frequent causes of contention between tenants and landlords is the difficulty in determining who was at fault in a given situation. Therefore, terraces and balconies are very desirable real estate in metropolitan cities.

You may park in one of the garages or lots assigned to you. If they are at the top of your wish list, you may have to settle for a less desirable location, particularly in more populated cities. However, if you refuse to settle for anything but the best possible surroundings, you should be prepared to search for available apartments with the utmost diligence. Once you find the perfect place, you should be ready to make a final decision during your viewing and put down a deposit to secure your desired location.

Furnished (Short Term) Vs. Unfurnished (Long Term)

The phrase "unfurnished" has a different meaning in Germany than elsewhere. Germans use "bare walls dwelling" to refer to empty flats or homes. A difference in pricing between a furnished and unfurnished unit might be partly attributed to this. A completely unfurnished home would have no storage space, built-in cupboards, appliances, drapes, carpeting, and lights. The future kitchen will have pre-wired plumbing for the sink, dishwasher, and other appliances. You must provide all of these things.

Also, the number of rooms listed for a housing choice does not account for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or hallways.

In other words, if you're searching for a 4-room apartment, you want at least two bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room (plus a kitchen and bathroom, etc.). This is why the German rental market for furniture and fixtures is so competitive. For the same price as an unfurnished apartment, you may rent all the furniture and appliances you need to make your new place a home.

The Cost of a Home When Furnished vs. When Not Furnished

Furnished flats allow landlords to charge a premium in most cities nationwide. However, considering it keeps them from buying furniture, many tenants believe it's well-spent money.

Many furnished leases are shorter than their unfurnished counterparts, and the price difference may be rather large from one location to the next. Many folks in the market for a furnished apartment are only in need of somewhere to stay temporarily. Short-term rentals often have higher rents than long-term ones because the landlord has to compensate for the loss of income caused by the extended vacancy periods. Rent for a fully furnished apartment is often 20-40% greater than an equivalent unfurnished one. The figure becomes much higher for stays of less than a month.

Insurance Premiums Upped, and So Do Deposits

A higher security deposit may be required for units that are completely furnished. Some jurisdictions, for instance, limit the amount of the security deposit that a landlord may require for an unfurnished unit while allowing a larger amount for furnished units. This safeguards the landlord from having to pay to replace or repair worn or broken pieces of furniture.

Demand in a Predictable Niche

Landlords attract renters who can afford furnished apartments—young professionals, young families, or students who haven't gathered their furnishings—because furnished apartments cost more. Landlords would do well to target students and city dwellers if their rental property is located in either of these two types of communities.

There Is A Greater Chance Of Damages Occurring

With furniture in an apartment comes a higher risk of wear and tear and a bigger financial commitment for landlords if renters don't take good care of the building and its contents. Landlords with furnished units need to keep a closer eye out for real damages and ahead of regular wear and tear, increasing their workload in terms of repairs and replacements. In addition, landlords should budget for occasional furniture replacement since wear and tear is inevitable, keeping the property looking nice rather than rundown.

Greater Fluctuation

The tendency toward shorter-term leases by renters is another disadvantage of renting out a furnished house. People who are likely to move often owing to work transfers, school graduation, or other life upheavals are looking for furnished housing. This includes young professionals, students, singles, and young families.

Financial Expenses Associated with Storing Items

If the furniture can't remain in the rental home, the landlord is responsible for arranging storage. For instance, if the landlord gives his consent and the tenants wish to use their mattress and bedframe, the landlord is responsible for relocating the present bed and stowing it somewhere. To the same extent, if the landlord wishes to paint or re-carpet in the time between tenants, he will need to make plans for the furniture to be moved and stored.

Websites To Look For Houses

Most homebuyers (51%) now use the internet to search for properties, according to the 2020 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers from the National Association of Realtors. To put this in context, just 28% discovered the house they purchased via their agent, and 4% through a yard sign. Because they are helpful to buyers and sellers, real estate websites continue to draw many unique visitors each month. Potential purchasers may spend a few hours perusing dozens of listings without leaving their sofa. Not only do buyers benefit from this, but so do sellers whose homes are likely to be seen by hundreds of potential buyers.

Frauds To Be Careful About

· Inability To Determine Spending Limits

Returning there might be difficult when you develop feelings of attachment to a certain location. You fantasize about how beautiful your life might be if you had access to its many enticing features, such as its tree-lined streets, jetted bathtub, and large kitchen with professional-grade equipment. The only person you're hurting by daydreaming about living in that home is yourself if you can't or won't ever be able to afford it. If you want to avoid overspending, it's smart to limit your housing search to affordable options in the area.

You'll find yourself wishing for things you can't have if you browse expensive establishments. It's risky to attempt to live above your means, and it might leave you dissatisfied with the things you have the resources to acquire.

You should begin your search from the bottom of your budget. If your needs are met at that level, there is no need to go further afield. Remember that if you spend an additional $10,000 on a property, you will end up paying twice that amount in interest alone throughout your loan's lifetime. You could probably put that cash to greater use elsewhere.

Having No Sense Of Direction

Like Goldilocks in the story, a purchaser may wonder, "Is this house too huge or too small?" Identifying repairable issues is crucial while looking for a new home.

If you need to get into a home but can't afford to replace the terrible wallpaper in the bathroom right now, it may be worth putting up with it for a time to buy a property in the first place. Don't allow cosmetic flaws to dissuade you from purchasing a property if the location and square footage fulfill your essential requirements.


It's not hard to get an apartment in Germany. Various options in Germany make it simpler to locate an apartment, especially for students. When searching for an apartment, you must have a firm grasp of the features and amenities that are most essential to you.

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